The sailing

Sea Agile offers a unique concept where your team members get to know each other better, find ways to work more efficiently and have fun together while enjoying the fantastic nature in the Stockholm archipelago. A recommended team size is up to 7 members, and we usually sail weekdays from May to October, with a start and finish in Svinninge Marina, close to Vaxholm outside Stockholm.

Along with me, Thomas Bindzau – a skilled sailor and safe, agile coach – all of you get an enjoyable journey and great tools to keep developing. This concept fits both new teams that need to find effective ways to cooperate and experienced groups who want to take further steps in their evolvement.

You design the journey
If your team needs an advanced agile practice, that is what you get. It could also be an regular team building exercise where you work together, discuss and enjoy the ocean, nature and good food. An agile sailing is always tailored for the team.

What about the price?
The possibilities to customise your sailing adventure are endless so the costs can vary. The examples below cover a sailing trip with a start and finish in Nynäshamn, with all meals and accommodation aboard included for at least 4 participants:

1 day: 4 900 SEK per person
2 days: 8 000 SEK per person

The course Agile Onboard
If you don’t want to bring your entire team along, but still want to learn more about agile methods, we also offer the course  Agile Onboard.