If you have any questions about agile saling, please take a look at this page or contact me.

What does a typical agile sailing adventure look like?
Both the sailing and the team exercises are adjusted according to your needs and where you stand today, so no two tours are the same. Contact me to get more information about possible arrangements.

What boat are we sailing?
Our boat is called Shere Khan, and is a beautiful blue Linjett 35. The boat is designed and built by Rosättra boatyard on the north side of Stockholms archipelago. The boatyard is well known for its beautiful boats and high quality. Linjett 35 is a perfect archipelago boat, and with its limited deep, we can access most natural harbours.

How many participants are allowed?
The recommended maximum team size on board the Shere Khan is 7 persons. Fore larger teams, we will add other boats with skippers.

Is it possible to start or end at another harbour than Svinninge Marina?
There is no problem to choose another start or destination. Maybe Dalarö, Stavsnäs or Stockholm is better for you? We will add a cost for transportation witch depends on the distance from Svinninge.

I am no sailor. What knowledge or experience is required?
What a perfect chance to try sailing! You will learn very much in short time on board. No experience whatsoever is needed. A word of warning, though: you might become addicted to it!

I am worried about getting seasick. Can I join anyway?
Everyone is different. Some people get seasick more easily than others. It is vital that everyone is enjoys the sailing, so if the weather is rough, the route will be adjusted to suit everyone on board.
If anyone is affected negatively, we have pills and chewing gum that will help.

Do I need to buy expensive sailing gear to join?
You will probably need warmer clothes than you think. Especially in the early summer, the evenings are colder because the water is still cold, but you can bring the same clothes you use at home. We supply water proof sailing gear and life jackets for all participants.

Isn’t is cold and uncomfortable to sail?
Of course a 5-star hotel is more comfortable and warmer than a boat, but sailing is pretty nice, too. Shere Khan has a heater that we use on cold evenings. Furthermore, we have both cold and warm running water. If you rather sleep and eat on land, there are plenty of good taverns, hotels and hostels on the islands. However, we can guarantee that it will be as cosy and genuine!

What if I’m not satisfied with the tour?
For me, it is extremely important that both the experience and the education has high levels and gives excellent results. If you are not satisfied with the course, you will get a full refund (except for costs of food and accommodation).