Sea Agile offers the course Agile Onboard for those who don’t want to take the whole team on the boat. It has many prospects compared to ordinary sessions in classrooms:

  • It’s more natural and effective to learn when it connects to activity and movement
  • You become more daring and comfortable in a smaller group
  • Meeting new people gives broadens the learning
  • Sailing in itself is an activity where you practice agile skills
  • Having fun together makes you learn more and better!

Target group
This course is for you as an agile coach, scrum master or product owner who want to expand your agile toolbox. The course was inspired by “Coaching Agile Terms” and “The Agile Factor” by Lyssa Adkins and others. It requires basic knowledge and a some experience of agile methods.


  • Coach, mentor, teacher; when are you what, and why?
  • An introduction to professional coaching
  • Learn to facilitate agile “ceremonies”
  • Create teams that work together and deliver greatness
  • Bonus: Basic knowledge of sailing

Date: TBD
Price: SEK 11 000

Satisfaction guarantee
For me, it is extremely important that both the experience and the education has high levels and gives excellent results. If you are not satisfied with the course, you will get a full refund (except for costs of food and accommodation).